About Louis Lu

Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer

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With a proven record of over 11 years of experience in GTM, eCommerce, and digital marketing strategy in Asia 20+ markets. Manage more than 100 million dollars of the marketing budget.

Through digital acquisition and upsell/cross-sell, acquire and manage 5 million + paid customers online, and keep the growth by 20% YoY with maintaining profit margin for the business type of subscription model, eCommerce, B2B2C in travel, eCommerce, health sector.

Build up online businesses' P&L model and manage individual and bundled product P&L of over 500 smart home, Electric Vehicle, FMCG SKU items in China, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, SEA markets. P&L model can cover sourcing, logistics, online pricing, digital marketing, customer lifetime value.

I have 24,000+ connections on Linkedin and was the most connected in 2014 honored by Linkedin HK. Leverage the Linkedin network, marketing automation platform, and alternative social network to generate quality leads and implement ABM.

most connected linkedin 2014

Solid planning and execution skills in website CRO, App CRO, SEO, paid media, email, video and social content, data, PR, and partnership marketing.

Easy2Digital web owner (http://www.easy2digital.com/blog/), releases articles and videos, regarding the latest digital trend and case learnings from my perspective.

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What They Say About Louis

Anna Rhea Teves
 Louis is one of the few digital marketers I know who knows both SEO & SEM. I like having a discussion with him about anything related to digital marketing as you would definitely get some new insights. 
Michael Gonzales
 Louis is a smart and very capable digital marketer. He displayed keen insight, knowledge and understanding surrounding the ins and outs of digital marketing and how it applied to his audience. These traits proved themselves, repeatedly, in the regional growth his marketing plans and campaigns provided. Particularly, I enjoyed the level of collaboration we enjoyed together. He understands the sharing of knowledge and insights versus the guarding them provides improved team dynamics and improved metrics and revenue. Although we worked across the world from each other, it always seemed we worked in the same office--such was the level of open communication between us. I'd consider myself lucky to work with him again. 
Alyne Tamir
 I have enjoyed working with Louis as a creator, he is prompt on deadlines and values the relationship, always keeping the best in mind for everyone. 
William Huang
 Louis is a true professional in digital field. He's very passionate in this business and proactive to support his client. During his service to UFS at MRM, he elevated overall digital performance by his fruitful digital knowledge and strong execution skills. Louis is also a strategic thinker who always develops plan from client's perspective vs. selling services. It's a great experience working with this young talent 
Gary Cheung
 I worked very closely with Louis whilst we were at the same agency and I was always deeply impressed by his ability to manage and prioritise demanding workload as well as delivery top-class work to clients in meeting their expectations and objectives. Louis is also a very proactive strategic thinker who would add value to any business organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend his work to anyone. 

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