Python Tutorial 14 for Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer – Using Selenium for creating an Instagram Bot to Boost Visibility and Grow Followers

The Instagram bot is a type of Python script that automates your interactions across Instagram profiles. Depending on the type of bot you use, they can like posts, make comments, send direct messages, and follow new profiles all on your behalf. In a way, as long as you carefully design the interaction journey, the bot can represent you to engage with Instagram users. Within 10 mins after activating the script, your Instagram might possibly generate more than 100 followers.

python tutorial

Python Instagram bot not only can help you generate new content insight. But also it can help generate influencer emails in bulk as we discuss in the past two chapters. What’s more, the Instagram bot can act quickly to generate audience growth. It’s because the bot can use algorithms and information about your targets to expose you to new followers you might not have discovered on your own. At the same time, other Instagram bots on behalf of the Instagram user might also index you and follow your channels by using the same approach.

In this Python Tutorial, I would show you how to write a Python script to create an Instagram bot. By the end of this Python Tutorial, you can learn what elements you need and how to maximize the outcome of this approach.

Python Tutorial – The Instagram Bot Script Modules

As we know, before coding the scripts, we need to know what module packages are necessary. It facilitates us to shorten the coding length and it’s easier to code.

Basically, the module packages are the same as our previous Python Tutorial chapter 12. Which is to use hashtags to scrape Instagram posts and profiles. If you are interested, please check out the article.

python tutorial

As mentioned, we create the Instagram bot by using selenium. So in the modules, we would use the selenium web driver, expected_conditions as EC, and few other features. Also, for reading and formatting the data we collect, we would need pandas and CSV as well.

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
from import expected_conditions as EC
from import By
from import WebDriverWait
import pandas as pd
import time
import csv

Python Tutorial – Like the Instagram Post Automatically

When we scrape the post link by hashtag, we can have 3 options to engage with the posts. They are like, comment and share. So if you refer to my Python Tutorial chapter 12, basically now we need to just add the codings on top of that.

Regarding the like button, we can go for the heart-shaped like button and do right-click to find out the XPath. In selenium, it provides the argument of find_element_by_xpath. So you can calibrate this element and use click() it to like the post


python tutorial

Comment the Instagram Post Automatically

The second engagement button is a comment. In the user journey, it would take more steps to add a comment in the Instagram post.

First thing first, we need to use inspect to find the XPath of the comment button. Here is the XPath parameter:


Then, you need to click the comment button and move to the add comment section. After moving to the add a comment section, you would need to tell Robot to change the current element from the comment button and the comment bar. Here are the XPath parameters:

//*[@aria-label="Add a comment…"]

As well as the login information sent out, you can use the send_keys argument to feed the message to the element. Here take an example to feed one message. I’m not going to deep dive into how to customize comments for different posts. I would create another article to discuss.

Comment.send_keys("すげ〜! #easy2digital, 俺の情報シェア、")

Last but not least, it’s the submit action. Being the same as the login button, Instagram has outlined the button type and the type is called submit in the comment box. So, we can use the css_selector and click the button in that element


Follow the Instagram Page Automatically

In Python Tutorial 14, we shared how to fetch the Instagram contact email, follower numbers, etc. Basically, we can use the same coding to visit the page one by one from the page links stored in the CSV file.

On the page, we can inspect the follow button element and find out that XPATH. Here is the parameter:


Then, we can use the selenium argument to calibrate the element and click follow


Recommendation on Increasing Instagram Followers

The Instagram bot can very fast expand your channel exposure in related Instagram page comments. At the same time, the other Instagram bot would also do the same thing to follow your page along with more and more pages you are following.

Being said that, this approach requires you to keep updating Instagram content. In the end, your Instagram content is the key element to attract visitors and engage with the followers. Also, the content post also needs to add more related hashtags. It’s for the purpose to ensure other Instagram bots can discover your channels as well.

Full Python Script of Instagram Bot for Growing Followers

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