Python Tutorial for Digital Marketers 4: How to Specify Web Data to Scrape

As mentioned in the last chapter about “How to Write, Parse, Read CSV Files with Scraped Data”, we would discuss how to specify web data to scrape, because this is one of the key purposes of why we like to learn Python as a digital marketer.

So in this python tutorial for digital marketers 4, I’ll walk you through a basic concept, and methods with using beautifulsoup and requests you need to know to specify web data and scrape. It’s better if you understand how to read HTML, CSS, javascript in this part, but it’s totally okay if you haven’t yet, because the purpose is to find the data located at the moment and learn some methods to scrape specific data for digital marketing purpose.

During the lesson, I’ll take as an example to write codes and scrape all the latest offers and pricing. By the end of the lesson, you can master identify where your expected data locate on a target page and scrape it all in minutes.