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Shopify vs Salesforce Commece Cloud – Which One Is Better for Global eCommerce Business

Nearly half a million shipping containers are stuck off the coast of Southern California, Brands and sellers who target USA markets recently might be suffering from inventory replenishment. However, eCommerce is still hot and the momentum seems continuing up and skyrocketing with more countries’ current devaluation like Yen etc. So the question is which eCommerce platform solution you should select. The debate between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify Plus usually gets a lot of attention

Wechat Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing in China Market – Traffic, CRM, Online Community Tactics

Wechat is a must if you are doing business in China. This is certainly a start, but for B2B businesses seeking to create leads, reaching out directly to followers might be not enough. In the lead generation and nurturing funnel, it’s critical that how to automate the process, meanwhile the customer service and sales people can better identify the needs to communicate and close the deals efficiently.

5 Strategies To Automate Digital Lead Generation

What’s a healthy business status? If your business product and service is in high demand and it’s rising in industry, but 80% of your main revenue is from one or two clients, it’s not healthy. Thus lead generation for the purpose to sustain a business is critical.

So I would say it’s not a heathy business, because it’s risky when all eggs are put into one basket.