What Is Business Model In Asia Pacific Markets

Business model is a combination of internal mechanisms (such as the type and usage of business resources that supporting business functions, processes) and extension of the company's structure (such as channels and affiliated parties). The integration, causality of both mechanisms comprehensively can create very powerful effect on customers and competitors on the market.

Big Data


Pricing Model


Not Only Have Ambush Marketing for 四两拨千斤

I believe IOC does have the new rules against ambush marketing every 4 years and it must be stricter and stricter to protect the real investor benefit (Olympic sponsor), it's fair and inevitable. However, I also believe one Chinese saying "你有张良计,我有过墙梯", which means ambush marketing must also have 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc to survive, because of 2 key reasons in my opinion.

10 Not to be Missed Sharing Platforms

I think this is the original shape of sharing economy, so I always say "a brilliant business idea comes from somewhere tiny details we take it for granted everyday". Sharing, fully utilise your owned things value but also can expand additional value from others. From Facebook, that is a kind of personal life and information sharing social network, till now, there're many sharing platforms on the market. Here I share you 10 sharing platforms, particularly to entrepreneur, sales director, product director, marketing director, hopefully it can inspire your next new idea and business.

Pokemon Goal

Recently, I keep being asked when Pokemon Go will come to China, that I am also wondering, because Chinese people, particularly the 80's generation like me, who are influenced deeply by Pokemon manga, movie & game etc and also are the mature digitalized generation, do can't help screaming "I want to play!!"