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Happy mid autumn festival! Today is one of China traditional festivals, I’ll say full moon view day. Also, it’s a good timing with families and friends. I believe people in greater China are over eating moon cakes over chit-chatting, very enjoyable. If you never hear it, no worry, moon cake is a kind of Chinese version pie, but just very sweet.

We get used to sharing each other moon cakes because we can try different favourite, like in a house party, everyone brings herself/him self some delicious and can try so many kinds of food, snack, alcohol etc etc.

I think this is the original shape of sharing economy, so I always say “a brilliant business idea comes from somewhere tiny details we take it for granted everyday”. Sharing, fully utilise your owned things value but also can expand additional value from others.

From Facebook, that is a kind of personal life and information sharing social network, till now, there’re many sharing platforms on the market. Here I share you 10 sharing platforms, particularly to entrepreneur, sales director, product director, marketing director, hopefully it can inspire your next new idea and business.


Money saved in Bank is the most silly decision, Zopa provides users an option to utilise your saving and create value.

Zopa is the UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending service. It rewards people who are good with their money by providing low rate loans and high interest returns.

Since Zopa was founded in 2005 it has helped people lend more than £1.68 billion in peer-to-peer loans. It also been voted ‘Most Trusted Personal Loan Provider’ in the Moneywise Customer Awards for the past 7 years in a row.

Some 53,000 people are lending between £10 and £1 million to credit-worthy borrowers.


What is your work schedule and weekend holiday plan? Our empty car parking can create value.

JustPark is Europe’s leading provider of pre-bookable parking. The idea is simple: we connect drivers with anyone who has a spare space – whether that’s in a car park, private driveway, church, school, or pub.

In city centres or near airports, for sports matches or the daily commute, JustPark’s app and website lets drivers find, book and pay for parking in seconds – wherever and whenever they need it. Choose your perfect spot from over 200,000 spaces in 1,000 different cities – or rent yours out when it’s not being used.

It takes the stress out of parking for over one million drivers worldwide – helping them get from A to B, hassle-free. Our spaces are up to 70% cheaper than traditional pay-and-display, plus there’s zero risk of [you] getting a parking ticket. And on the flipside, we’ve earned property owners and businesses over £15m by renting out their underused spaces for them – so everyone’s a winner.


Empty comfortable room can create value. I love it because it brings me know more friends and local culture when traveling.

Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.


Man, your girls’ fashion clothing in wardrobe can create value. No excuse to stop them from shopping!!

Poshmark is a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion. Shop the closets of women across America – and sell yours too!

Ever wish you had a style-mate and could shop their closet? Now you can. Poshmark connects you to people whose style you adore, allowing you to shop Closets and Boutiques, anytime you’d like.

Have items in your closet that you love, but just don’t wear anymore? List items for sale on Poshmark in less than 60 seconds. Sell what you have in your closet so you can shop for what you really love today. With Poshmark, the possibilities are endless!


Driving to relax and refresh can create value. I am also an Uber driver at night and although I am a marketer on day.

For the women and men who drive with Uber, our app represents a flexible new way to earn money. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to transportation, and make streets safer. When you make transportation as reliable as running water, everyone benefits. Especially when it’s snowing outside.

Recently a hot topic at town in China is Uber China merger with 嘀嘀打车 ,I think it’s a smart to win win the market rather than competition, because business logic at this market is quiet different. A good reference for foreign internet company.


Your professional skills can create value out of office hour, not excuse saying that no way to earn extra miles.

Skillshare is a global learning community for creators. Anyone can take thousands of online classes or even teach a class themselves.


As long as you are fluent English speaker, your native language can create value. I have many tutors and also join paid lessons from professional teachers, who is a housewife relocating to China from Japan. How easy to earn money by your native

italki is an educational technology website that helps foreign language learners connect with online teachers and native-speaking language partners. italki users are able to search for a freelance teacher, schedule and pay for language lessons. italki teachers are able to create a profile, and build a personal reputation.


Your house router 4G wifi can create value. I can not only earn the monthly wifi fees, why not?

Serial entrepreneur, Martin Varsavsky, founded Fon with the goal of blanketing the world with WiFi. The idea was simple: if users share a bit of WiFi at home, they can connect for free to others who do the same. With the “Fonera” router, people from all over the world could join a crowdsourced WiFi community by splitting the home WiFi signal in two, one private and one public.

Home away

Your invested and available resort and updown apartment can create value

HomeAway, Inc. is the world’s leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry.At HomeAway, our mission is to make every vacation rental in the world available to every traveler in the world through our online marketplace. With over 1.2 million live vacation rental listings in 190 countries, we’re committed to helping families and friends find the perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together.


Your thought silly idea in bath room can create value!

Quirky is a community-led invention platform, their mission is to partner with inventors in making people’s ideas successful. They are dedicated to empowering everyday problem solvers to share their ideas with the world.

One day, 24 hours, 1440 mins: Each part of our body, DNA, skill can create value and be monetised, so who is willing to stay a company as an employee? Interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading 10 Not to be Missed Sharing Platforms. If you did, please support us by doing one of the things listed below, because it always helps out our channel.

By Louis Lu

Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer, with a proven record of over 11 years experience in 20+ Asian markets, and 25,000+ connections in Linkedin

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