Month: October 2022

roa, roe, roc

ROA, ROE, ROC – Hints for Investors and Marketers from Financial Ratio Analysis

On the whole, measuring returns in business is critical and ROA, ROE, ROC ratios is a super useful way to monitor whether a company is putting money entrusted to it to good use. Moreover, these three metrics can provide investors and marketers a picture of the company’s potential investment evaluation, although it needs to be cautious to look into.

In this article, I will go through ROA, ROE, ROC financial analysis ratios and share tips to look into them to gain insightful opportunities for investors and marketers, and also avoid data traps.

brownie web3

Brownie in Web3.0 – Develop Ethereum Smart Contracts Interacting with Cryptocurrency Network Using Brownie and Python

For Web3.0 smart contract developers, Brownies makes your life much easier to develop, import, test, and debug smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network. Moreover, it facilitates you to set up transactions, methods, and variables to interact with Ethereum.

Since that, I will go through basic knowledge regarding Brownie and expand on how to use Brownie to develop Ethereum smart contracts and deploy them onto the blockchain network.

infura and metamask

Use Infura and MetaMask in Python Scripts to Deploy Web3 Smart Contracts on a Real Ethereum BlockChain Network

The business designs the Web3 smart contract logic based on its business model and needs. The next step for a company to think of is how to deploy this logic in a public blockchain network where people are staying and which they are using. Moreover, a script can smoothly interact with the blockchain network seamlessly no matter it’s for testing purposes or enhancing the user experience.

In this article, I will expand on how to use Infura, Metamask, and Python to make it function in your Web3.0. The piece would share the approach based on the previous Ganache script.

etsy product scraper

Python Tutorial 64 – Etsy Product Scraper for Price Anchoring Reference Using Easy2Digital API

For the finance and marketing strategy, price anchoring consideration is critical. In terms of your product value-focused, either product functional value or trading value, or both of value on one product do need market price anchoring to set proper pricing. 

Etsy is listed in the NASDAQ Global Select security exchange, also it’s the largest craft and hand-made seller online B2C and C2C marketplace. It doesn’t matter whether your brand product pricing is higher or lower than a similar craft and hand-made individual top-selling brand in the same category. Conversely, the main question should be why your product pricing is supposed to sit at a higher or lower pricing point than theirs. Whether this strategy can convince your target customer to buy in.

In this article, I’ll go to share the ingredients to build an Etsy product scraper. By the end of this, you can refer to the method and also leverage Easy2Digital API to fetch the data.

financial news scraper

Python Tutorial 63 – Company Financial News Scraper for the Top-down Analysis Using Easy2Digital News API

Industry and company up-to-date news helps you keep pace with the stock company you invested. Nevertheless, it is time consuming if you check one by one out of your investment dashboard. I daresay you feel excited if your stock dashboard can automatically refresh the company news every day using a financial news scraper. As a result, you can make decision always along with top-down industry and company news.

In this article, I’m going to introduce Easy2Digital financial news API 1.0 with the API script sample. With this API, you can build a financial news scraper for your specific collection of company symbols and integrate it with your stock monitor.

Lazada Marketing & Lazada Seller Promotion 101: 10 Things To Do & 1 Thing Not To Do

Opening a store on Lazada to drive sales is a great option for companies that look to expand into Southeast Asian markets. 

One of the benefits of selling cross-border on Lazada is that you instantly reach six countries (Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand), with a total population in the hundreds of millions. The benefit can be either of your water testing approaches to see the sale performance from your product category, or you can strategically enter the markets and reach target customers with no upfront fees and lower transaction fees.

Except for your product and supply chain strategy, Lazada seller promotion and marketing strategy is essential to reach customers and drive sales. Thus, based on my client-serving and business experiences, I’ll share with you 1 thing not to do and 7 things to do in Lazada seller promotion. 

intrinsic value

Python Tutorial 62 – Intrinsic Value Scraper for Comparing BVPS vs Price per Share Using Easy2Digital API

Discounted value of the cash that can be taken out of a business during its remaining life, is a well-known intrinsic value explanation offered by Warren Buffett. In fact, the intrinsic value calculator has a top-down and simple way out although the bottom-up and in-depth one requires more input. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to leverage Easy2Digital API data to build an intrinsic value scraper using Python. By the end of this piece, you can quickly scrape and consolidate 5 metrics in bulk, and find out if the symbol candidate from your list is a potential undervalued one to add to the investment queue by BVPS vs price per share.