Month: November 2022

web3 fungible token

Web3 Fungible Token – Build an ERC20 Token Using Python, Brownie, and Solidity

Tokens are not new things we’ve already been using their similar forms daily, for example, fiat currency, ID cards, casino chips, stock certificates, and so on and so forth. In Web 3.0, tokens are basically divided into fungible tokens and non-fungible toke (NFTs), which are the atomic unit of Web3. And ERC20, or Ethereum Request for Comment 20, is the implemented standard for fungible tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain.

In this article, I would go through how to build your owned Web3 fungible token (ERC20) using Python, brownie, solidity, and Openzepplin. By the end of this article, you can learn a basic flow to build it and start tokenizing your things.

valuation multiples

Valuation Multiples – P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA Ratio Hints for Marketers

Valuation multiples are financial measurement tools that evaluate one financial metric as a ratio of another, in order to make different companies more comparable. As a marketer, not only is it necessary to understand your company, but also learning from peers or competitors with better valuation is a way to refer and grab inspirational ideas. This article briefly goes through 3 main valuation multiples which investors pay more attention to, and marketers should be aware of the value.

profitability ratio

Profitability Ratio – Gross Margin, EBITDA Margin, Net Margin Hints for Marketers and Investors

Profitability ratios measure a company’s profitability stemming from financial statements. One of the main sources must be the income statement. It’s because of all the company’s main forms of income and expense. 

There are countless ways to slice and dice income statements. Nevertheless, there are three main margin ratios that come up most frequently in the analysis from both investors and marketers. These ratios are the gross margin, EBITDA margin, and net margin.

pandas pivot table

Pandas Pivot Table() – Transpose Data in Column Sequence to Horizontal One in Bulk Using Pandas & Python

Pandas pivot_table() is super powerful for developers to manipulate the data, such as data visualization, data inventory, API development, etc. In terms of dashboard development or data visualization, transposing specific data objectives from column order to row sequence is very common. So in this article, I’ll go through how to transpose specific data in bulk in a second using Pandas pivot_table() and Python

pandas groupby

Pandas Groupby() – Combine all Values Into One Set Shared with the Same Index Key Using Python

In this piece, I will share introduce Pandas GroupBy(), and go through how to combine the value into one set with a shared key, or column value. For example, if your Google advertising campaign name is shared with different data sets such as data from daily, weekly or monthly, and so on and so forth, here is a way to consolidate them into one set for easy fetching, using, and applying them in web application interactions.

liquidity ratio

Liquidity Ratio – Quick Ratio, Interest Coverage, Debt / Equity Implication for Investors and Marketers

Liquidity ratio reflects a company’s resilience capability when facing economic and market vulnerability and volatility. As an investor, companies with great liquidity capability definitely are the better options in the investment portfolio. Meanwhile, marketers have responsibility to adjust budget and strategies along wit business iquidity ratio upsizing or downsizing. Moreover, be sure to constantly communicate with the market and build brand credibility and trustworthy always-on.

In this article, there are 3 aspects to look into and justify whether a company is in a healthy liquidity ratio status, which includes quick ratio, interest coverage and debt to equity.

brownie fundme

Brownie FundMe Smart Contract Deployed on Ethereum Using Python & Web3

One of the main Web3.0 product value propositions is payment decentralization from the central bank using Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. The value is kind of imaginable because you can send or receive money using your own developed payment gateway. Moreover, the traditional bank system is unlikely to record all transactions straightforwardly. That implies quite a lot in fact in terms of business assets and financial operations.

In this article, I’m going to share a Brownie FundMe smart contract and go through how to deploy it onto an Ethereum network.

cohort analysis

Subscription Business Model Cohort Analysis for Retention Rate, ARPU, CAC, CLV

If you are running a subscription business model, whatever there is a similar model like yours or there is no model like it on the internet. Understanding your customer feedback about your product and service is critical because these data and insight highly reflect the trend of granular revenue and profit forecasting in this business. And with the domino effect, directly impacts your decision of branding and marketing options from paid to social and email drive sales and customer advocate. In the coming years, I believe if all the positive P&L results from actual performance and forecasts are coming up, all are thanks to this good beginning.

So the question is how to analyze the subscription business model performance. In this article, I would walk you through how to leverage cohort analysis that might be just in the Google Sheets, for the purpose to understand the subscription’s actual retention and churn rate performance. By the end of this piece, you can learn the beauty of cohort analysis for your subscription business, and deploy your marketing and sales strategy based on the analysis.

video production

Why Beer looks so tasty? Endorphins and Dopamine Matter – Kirin Beer Commercial Cases – Beer Video Production

There’s no doubt that video is one of the highest-converting types of content you can use today to market pretty much anything, and I believe it isn’t to be changed, in particular, low funnel and mid-funnel channels are requiring more engaging content to maintain or even perform better the cost per acquisitions and gross margin, when confronting fierce competition.

Storytelling styles and tactics do vary country by country. In it, Japanese brand commercials impress us of course by their unique storytelling skills, such as extraordinary performing expressions, and quick video commercial pieces that can connect each other to become a full story.

What’s more, Japanese video commercials well leverage human neurochemicals to tickle the right neurochemicals at the right time is a way to increase engagement and brand recall.

In this article, I would take Kirin Beer Japan commercials for example to elaborate on what’s Endorphins and Dopamine and how they create the video scripts and storylines using these factors tickling the right neurochemicals. By the end of the piece, you can learn how to start to write a video script, leveraging these psychology trigger elements.