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CBD Payment Processor & Payment Approaches – Best Ways to Receive CBD Money Seamlessly

It is clear that the CBD industry has been booming. What’s more, companies who want to sell either ingestible CBD or topical CBD online, have to search for payment processors like Square. With the fast-growing amount of CBD merchants that are flooding the market, they may need alternatives that aren’t restricted. Also, with the CBD demand increasing, merchants needs more checkout approach and ideas to avoid affecting customer checkout experiences.

Free Lunch Can Continue, thanks to Paid Meal – How to Monetise SaaS Freemium Users

Some familiar brands around us are like Google Drive, Spotify, Mailchimp,, etc, and you will find that at least 75% of SaaS companies offer a free version, and their users are called freemium users. The question is why is the company willing to open free service to customers? The answer of course is to capture customers’ attention and incentive the sign ups, downloads, and drive the brand awareness. However, free lunch can’t continue forever without income and revenue. The question is where the paid meal is?

Amazon FBA Versus Amazon Associate

In this article, I’m going to share with you the difference between FBA & Amazon associates. Thus, you can learn how one and the other can help you monetize your products and traffic.

How to Turn on AMP with Google Adsense and Google Ad Manager Advertising

Are you so frustrated at your Web loading speed that is affecting the web monetisation? Indeed slow loading speed is due to complicated reasons, such as server capability, web building structures, elements overloading in the structure, etc. If you are not a web developer, it can be a headache question and it can dominate lots of time a day to fix and maintain.

Being said that, web loading speed is so important for SEO performance, CTR, and particularly web ads monetization performance that you can’t ignore it and leave it what it is. So in this article, I’ll talk about how to install and activate AMP for your wordpress website with Google adsense advertising. By the end of this piece, you can figure out how AMP works without duplicate content issues and enjoy much faster loading speed with advertising insertion.

How To Fix Google Adsense Ad.txt Issue

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to fix Google Adsense ad.txt. This issue would affect your webpage advertising revenue earning from Google AdSense. You’ll learn how to solve this issue.