6 Powerful Japan Travel Apps Facilitate Your Tokyo Trip

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Tokyo is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. In 2018, there were more than 14 million inbound visitors just in Tokyo. I must be one of them. I love this city, because Tokyo provides a seamless transportation system, and it is filled with diverse delicious food options for people to try, and it also has unique entertainment experience culture. All these factors make me this city success. So in this article, I’ll recommend you 6 powerful Tokyo Japan Travel Apps that can facilitate your travel in Tokyo, and helps you save time, so you could enjoy the whole journey experience in this international city without concerns.

1. Google Map (Android & IOS

Google Maps is for all travellers and particularly it’s suitable for those people who don’t have any particular type of Japan train pass. I love this application.

It’s simple and very easy to use, because it gives the shortest and fastest route, toll & free toll route as possible when walking, or taking a train, or driving to the destination. Also, it provides real time updates on transportation time and fares. The app can estimate the distance, time and fares based on the location you are in.

2. Gurunavi (Android & IOS)

Gurunavi has existed in one form or another since before even the first iPhone launched in Japan. This App has built a reputation as the country’s go-to app for restaurant reviews, recommendations and reservations.

The App has English version in both iOS and Android version.So without any language barrier, you can search restaurants and bars by type of restaurant, price range, location and review score. You can also make reservations directly through the app. With several thousand venues available to search all in Tokyo Japan, there must have some options that can fit in your budget and favourite.

Please bear in mind that having English language does not mean that the staff in restaurants are able to speak English. But I don’t worry too much because most of the restaurants and bars in Japan facilitate customers by using multi language menu. Thus, you could just enjoy the funny food and drink order process.

3. Google Translate (Android & IOS)

Google Translate might be too common to be necessary introducing, but when I’m asking people around if they know there’s a feature called “Instant Camera Translation”, most of them say they don’t know. Even I’m able to speak Japanese and communicate with Japanese, but when I’m shopping or ordering food in restaurants, there’re huge of vocabularies I still don’t know. It helps me translate from Japanese to English by using the ‘instant camera translation’ feature.

I suggest you guys install this App in mobile in case of any emergencies coming up and ask for help. In Japan, most of policemen don’t speak English, so this app is invaluable apart from leisure time.

4. Showaround – find a local guide (Android & IOS)

There’re several Tokyo Japan travel apps to find a local guide. Showaround is one of the most popular apps for people to find a local guide in Tokyo Japan. No matter you are traveling with friends, or traveling alone in Tokyo, you can find a local guide to show you around the city through this App, and enjoy the fun and unique culture, food in Tokyo.

There’re two types of local guide you could select in the App. One is totally for free, and the other type is you need to pay. Whatever type you select, I’ll suggest you to check clearly before making a decision.

Also, I advise it’s better to book and schedule the time slot with the local guide 2 or 3 weeks in advanced. It’s very pity when you are going to schedule a person, but her or his schedule might be full during your stay in Tokyo.

5. Line (Android & IOS)

Line is one of the most popular instant messenger apps in Japan. There’s a saying I hear from local Japanese. Facebook is used for learning the latest news on the internet. Twitter is a place to gossip, and Line is a real platform to make friends and keep relationships. So you wanna make friends in Japan during traveling, please invite them to join your line network. It’s also very easy to add friends. Simply tapping your phones together or scanning a QR code is all it takes. 

For my experience, Line is also a good partner with you to save dollars in Tokyo. Many restaurants and shopping mall accept Line digital wallet, or digital payment to pay with winning 5% rebate immediately. So you could right away get 5% off form any item you purchase or order in that place. Also, activating Line payment is not difficult as well. You just need to add your credit card to Line payment section, done.

6. NHK News & Disaster Update (Android & IOS)

We hope that our travelling time in Japan will be hazard free, but the reality is that Japan is one of the most unstable countries in the world. Even earthquakes happen in Tokyo sometimes. So paying attention to real time disaster news is important.

When installing and activating NHK News and Disaster Update, It feeds you App notification real-time updates and news on any tremors or other natural disasters in Japan as they happen. So you could immediately know when and where happened. It’s helpful for you to replan your travel for the purpose to stay safe.

Please bear in mind the news updates are in Japanese only. However, these updates includes graphs and other visual data that are easy for English speakers to understand.


I hope these Tokyo Japan Travel Apps information can help you prepare for your next trip in Tokyo, and wish you have a wonderful travel in Tokyo Japan.

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