Anker Magnetic Battery Pack vs Apple MagSafe Pack – Cheaper, Better?

One of the great things to use a wireless charger for your cellphone is you don’t have to use a cable to charge. Bringing a MagSafe Pack along with you can be cool because the look and feel are quite stylish. What’s more, it can be no concerns and stress on a phone low battery anymore. It’s just a matter of cost and value for money, as available options in the market are always not only having one. Is it cheaper and better on Anker Magnetic Battery Pack vs Apple MagSafe?

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There are distinct similarities between the two products. Both attach magnetically to the back of the phone, charge the phone wirelessly, and are dinky enough to keep in your pocket. However, the eye-catching difference is the pricing. So in this article, I would review and compare the Anker Magnetic pack and Apple Magsafe in some aspects. By the end of this piece, you can learn if cheaper is worse, from the difference between their design, battery capacity, configuration, and price.

Design and Size

Anker Magnetic Battery Pack’s look and feel are quite like a hard drive, but it’s very light and the weight is around 100g. It only has one color that is black. Anker is made of a simple rubberized black plastic finish and is equipped with a USB-C port.

For the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, its look and feel are more like a warm sticker. The color option only has the white one, the touch and feel are the matte plastic finish. Apple uses Lightning, and if you are using Apple ecosystem products all the time, Apple MagSafe definitely can fit your entire style. Personally, I think Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is more stylish.

Winner: Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Feature and Functionality

The Anker Magnetic Battery Pack has a power button. You need to turn it on to begin charging the phone device. The LED light groove can show you how much batter has left in Anker. The usage scope of Anker is more than Apple MagSafe.

First thing first, you can charge both your phone and the battery pack at the same time by plugging in the battery pack and attaching it to your phone. It will charge your phone first and then recharge itself. Secondly, unlike the MagSafe battery pack, you can also use Anker to charge non-MagSafe devices

On the other hand, Apple‘s MagSafe Battery Pack continues Apple’s simplicity. There is no power button, no LED power lights, but just it has a lightning port for charging. You can just put the MagSafe battery pack to your iPhone 12 magnetically, it can start charging. But it can only serve MagSafe devices.

Winner: Anker Magnetic Battery Pack

Battery Capacity and Charging Speed

Anker Magnetic Battery Pack puts around 5000 mAh storage capacity available, which is 3 times more than Apple MagSafe’s mAh. What’s more, it provides 5 Watts when it is used to charge wirelessly, or it can provide 10W if it’s plugged with a USB-C. If you want to charge both your phone and battery pack, both would be fully charged in around 4.5 hours. So, it can provide long hours of battery capacity and also conduct charging very efficiently.

On the other hand, the Apple MagSafe battery specification number looks lower than Anker. But if you plug in the battery pack, you will see the 15W of MagSafe charging speed. The other thing that is absolutely better is the configuration with iPhone, and the look and feel matched with the iPhone device.

Winner: Anker Magnetic Battery Pack


Apparently, Anker Magnetic Battery Pack is much cheaper than Apple. It’s priced at US$46. Meanwhile, Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is priced at US$99. It continues Apple’s accessory pricing strategy. One silicon case with pure color can be priced at US$40 – 60, which is very expensive. Having said that, if you stick to fully equip with apple products in your lifestyle, additional dollars have nothing dealing with buying batter capacity and functionality value.

Winner: Anker Magnetic Battery Pack


From my point of view, Anker Magnetic Battery Pack indeed offers better value for money. It relieves your concerns about more times of mobile low battery cases coming up when you are outside. It can provide more power and longer charging. However, in terms of design and Apple fan’s preference, Apple MagSafe is the sure winner.

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