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Hello 您好 你好啊 こんにちは mate, my name is Louis. Thank you for visiting Easy2Digital, and nice to e-meet you! The main purpose of this website is to share with you summarised failure and successful cases, methods, and developed applications on how to make more time from our life, and avoid being limited by 24/7.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

– Steve Jobs

Why making more time out 24/7 is crucial for our life?

The answer is direct and simple. It’s because lifetime is limited and lifespan is short. So the question is how to make more time and produce more from whatever you expect, such as happiness, job outcome, and investment return, so on and so forth.

Please don’t get me wrong, Easy2Digital is not going to expand on how to create 2 more hours every day. Conversely, Easy2Digital’s mission is to shorten your learning journey in business, marketing, and investment. Moreover, we aim to help you easily master robot and automation system development skills, for the purpose to automate things you feel wasting time but are very important to your work, investment and life.

In fact, it’s less complicated than we think because technology and digital facilitate us to make it easier than ever before. As a marketer, developer, and investor, below are some samples of applications:

My profile and experiences

Marketer side:

With a proven record of over 13 years of marketing experience in the eCommerce, SaaS, and B2B space. I started in Guangzhou, then relocated to Shanghai, and now stay in Hong Kong which market and sells products in 20+ countries.

1. Financial aspect:

Formulate marketing quantitative modules, and model P&L calculators in D2C, B2C, B2B2C, and B2B that are aligned with the financial goal of revenue, cost, and gross margin. Notably experiences from the sector of travel, smart home, EV, and healthcare.

Budget and Manage marketing $$ of more than 10 million US dollars on GTM (Go-to-market), branding, sales, and retention. Also, lead the deep-dive cost optimization and pricing that include the scope of sourcing, logistics, product price, payment processors, marketing, customer lifetime value, and partnership.

2. Performance-driven:

Acquire and retain 5 million + paid customers online, and maintain the sales growth by 20% YoY with comparably stable profit margins.

Manage over 5000 SKUs and create different marketing programs to boost sales and maintain retention, such as single/bundled deals, affiliates, reselling, etc. Set and optimize item pricing by country and channel.

Moreover, familiar with global and regional online channels – SEO, SEM, social, marketplace, email, display, video, and affiliate. Optimize conversion rate, CAC, and CLV that are aligned with financial goals

3. Digital marketing operation & execution

– Data inventory & analytics
– WordPress and Shopify web development and CMS
– Content production in JP/EN/CN/HK – Blog, video, social post, PR, email
– Automation and conversion funnel
– Advertising campaign targeting and performance optimization
– Affiliate

4. Demand generation & partnership:

Have 26,000+ connections on Linkedin and was the most connected in 2014 honored by Linkedin. Generate quality leads and implement ABM utilizing the Linkedin network, marketing automation platform, and alternative social networks.

Moreover, build an influencer search application and provide 500,000+ influencer data that include contacts, channel topics, and follower numbers.

Python Developer Side:

  1. API, Web App, Web3 DApp,NFTs
  2. Deploy and set up applications and websites using Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud, Heroku
  3. Develop scrapers to collect trending news and marketing data. Build apps to optimize ads, financial investment
  4. Use OpenAI, TensorFlow, NLTK, and Scikit-learn to build entry-level MLS to automate article writing.

For more details regarding API, Application resources, please check out the links as follows:

Global: https://www.easy2digital.com/apis/

Japan: https://www.easy2digital.com/ja/apis/

API Shop & Onsite SaaS: https://www.buyfromlo.com

If you have a new application project or any thoughts to develop a bot to solve problems, please click and subscribe to Easy2Digital by leaving messages “New application + your product name”

What They Say About Louis

Mio Chan
 Louis was my head in MRM. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced manager. Under his management, I am able to handle the tasks effectively. He is friendly and motivative which he taught me a lot of planning, account servicing, and digital knowledge in terms of social management, SEO, SEM, digital media buy, digital analysis, etc. I am pleased and honored to work with Louis and hope we can work together in coming future. 
Zhou Jianhua
 Louis showed his professionalism in terms of digital and interactive marketing, especially his expertise into search & performance-driven media planning impressed me a lot during the days we worked together at MediaCom China 
Aaron AW
 Louis is a very passionate Digital Marketer. I have worked with Louis for 1.5 years on a couple of clients in MRM//McCann. He is a smart, well-spoken and determined person. His knowledge in Digital Media is also very strong. Most importantly, he is a people's person and gets along well with his colleagues. 
Nelson Ngai
 Louis is always helpful and hard-working. He provides great services, insights and recommendations for clients and partners. 
Leanne Sin
 Louis was my mentor when i was assisting media team at MRM. I assisted him on certain accounts and projects such as Cathay Pacific SEM and Unilever Food Soultions SEO. Louis is experienced in digital media and I have learnt a lot from him. He has also shared a lot of industry knowledge with me. He is very approachable and a good manager. 
Simon Pod
 It was a pleasure to work with Louis. He is very passionate about digital marketing, always trying to test new technologies and solutions and on top of that, he is an excellent team player spending plenty of hours outside of office hours to help his team meet the business goals. When we worked together, on many occasions, he would help my team with his excellent insights on Asian market. We also worked on several important projects including digital and content campaigns, localisation and google tag manager and analytics of which he has excellent knowledge. Overall he is highly skilled in digital marketing as well as a decent and humble person. If you are looking for a great digital manager, Louis is going to be the right fit for your company. 
Arthur Kwok
 Louis is a great one to work with. I met him when I was in Baidu Exclusive Reseller in HK, as an vendor, we worked on a few accounts with some scale. He is a very detail-minded person and systematic one, always know what he has to prepare for and what the next step is. And he has great social skills that he maintained good relationship with my colleagues. 
Anna Rhea Teves
 Louis is one of the few digital marketers I know who knows both SEO & SEM. I like having a discussion with him about anything related to digital marketing as you would definitely get some new insights. 
Johnny Ward
 Louis is an asset to any team, I've worked with him twice and found him wonderful to work with. A perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism. I look forward to continuing working with him in the future. 
Alyne Tamir
 I have enjoyed working with Louis as a creator, he is prompt on deadlines and values the relationship, always keeping the best in mind for everyone. 
Gary Cheung
 I worked very closely with Louis whilst we were at the same agency and I was always deeply impressed by his ability to manage and prioritise demanding workload as well as delivery top-class work to clients in meeting their expectations and objectives. Louis is also a very proactive strategic thinker who would add value to any business organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend his work to anyone. 
Michael Wong
 Louis joined priority pass as the digital marketing manager and showcased his passion and digital knowledge in the projects we worked on. He is a joy to work with and brings another dimension to the team. I would happily recommend him to any future employers. 
Yuki Pang
 When I worked with Louis, he shared his professionalism in digital media especially SEM & SEO expects. As we are managing a global account for Cathay Pacific – a big account like this, he never missed any details or delay anything. Apart from work, he is also acknowledgeable person in many areas. He shared a lot of digital marketing and personal insights, you will love to meet him and I'm sure you do 
Michael Gonzales
 Louis is a smart and very capable digital marketer. He displayed keen insight, knowledge and understanding surrounding the ins and outs of digital marketing and how it applied to his audience. These traits proved themselves, repeatedly, in the regional growth his marketing plans and campaigns provided. Particularly, I enjoyed the level of collaboration we enjoyed together. He understands the sharing of knowledge and insights versus the guarding them provides improved team dynamics and improved metrics and revenue. Although we worked across the world from each other, it always seemed we worked in the same office--such was the level of open communication between us. I'd consider myself lucky to work with him again. 
William Huang
 Louis is a true professional in digital field. He's very passionate in this business and proactive to support his client. During his service to UFS at MRM, he elevated overall digital performance by his fruitful digital knowledge and strong execution skills. Louis is also a strategic thinker who always develops plan from client's perspective vs. selling services. It's a great experience working with this young talent 
Killian Kostiha
 I worked with Louis during my time in iProspect Hong Kong, especially on the Chinese SEO related topics for some clients we got in common. Besides being an open-minded and nice colleague, Louis is knowledgeable in several digital marketing areas (SEM, SEO...) on different markets and languages which is a key skill to succeed in the digital marketing sector in Hong Kong due to the fact that most of the clients are APAC oriented. If you're looking for a digital marketing manager, Louis is definitely someone you should be in touch with.  
Edwina Sunario
 I have worked with Louis on content marketing project for Priority Pass. Louis is a passionate digital expert with strong 360 degree perspectives, fueled by a vision of how there's always room for greatness. His strong skills in digital marketing have always been valuable to give the right direction. He has a strong understanding on every partner we worked with and always knows the best collaboration that is suitable for all parties. His knowledge and insights have always enrinched my perspectives, specifically in content marketing area. Louis is one of the most reliable, positive and encouraging partner I have ever engaged with. Overall, it is such a great pleasure to work with Louis and I will not hesitate to recommend him to any organisation for any future potential opportunities. 

Successful Cases

Google SMBs Solution
Asia Horizon CBD Venture Capital
Wasserstein Smart Home
EV Lectron
Priority Pass Airport Lounge & Travel Retail
GLG eCommerce & SaaS Business Consultancy
Lingble Cross Border eCommerce Webstore Solution
Unilever Food Solution - Restaurant & Hotel
Meyer Cookware & Kitchenware
FMCG - Shampoo, Skincare, Cosmetic
Cathay Pacific Global
Invisalign Teeth Bracing Treatment

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