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Lacoste Unveils Gamified Ecosystem for NFT Holders, Expanding Web3 Program

Lacoste has announced a new gamified ecosystem for NFT holders, offering perks and rewards for participating in activities and community events. The program aims to create a long-lasting digital destination for customers seeking

M2Bio Sciences to Acquire JDAX Cryptocurrency Exchange in South Africa

M2Bio Sciences has signed a letter of intent to acquire JDAX, a major cryptocurrency platform based in South Africa. The acquisition will allow M2Bio to tokenize research projects and facilitate decentralized ownership through

WISeKey Launches Exclusive NFT of Libres Movie on NASDAQ Tower

WISeKeys WISe.ART platform launches an exclusive NFT of the movie “Libres” on the NASDAQ Time Square Tower, immortalizing the cinematic experience as a digital asset on the

Hermès has won a permanent ban preventing Mason Rothschild from selling his MetaBirkins NFTs

Hermès has won a permanent ban preventing Mason Rothschild from selling his MetaBirkins NFTs, after the French luxury goods maker accused him of violating its trademark for Birkin handbags

OKX NFT Marketplace Integrates Blur Collection Bids for RealTime Best Price Offers and Batch Acceptance

OKX NFT Marketplace integrates Blurs bids for real-time best price offers, time buffer for recent trades, personalized order summary & batch acceptance of Blur collection bids.

Artisan Focus Fund Highlights NVIDIA Corporation as Attractive Investment Opportunity in Q1 2023 Investor Letter

Artisan Partners Artisan Focus Fund Q1 2023 investor letter highlights NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) as a winner due to the expected growth of accelerated card sales from $5.2B


Airbnb Offers Free Stay at LifeSized Malibu Dream House in Partnership with Barbie Movie

Airbnb is partnering with the Barbie movie to give away a free stay at a life-sized Malibu Dream House in California. The mansion, which is pink from floor-to-ceiling, features toy-inspired

Blockchain Training Alliance Signs Engagement with Prominent Decentralized Platform

The Crypto Company’s subsidiary, Blockchain Training Alliance, has signed a one-year engagement with a well-established decentralized platform to develop custom-built comprehensive coursework. The engagement showcases the market’s recognition of BTA’s

Traditional Financial Institutions Embrace Crypto, Driving Market Sentiment and Interest

Despite regulatory pressures, traditional financial institutions are embracing crypto in a big way, with efforts including the filing for a bitcoin ETF by Wall Street heavyweights and the continuing rollout of enterprise blockchain solutions and deposit tokens

Find the Best Financial Solutions Credit Cards, Loans, Banking, Mortgages, Insurance, Credit Monitoring, Personal Finance,

A comprehensive guide to finding the best credit cards, loans, banking options, mortgages, insurance, credit monitoring, personal finance tools, small business solutions, taxes help and investing opportunities.

Cardano (ADA) A LowEnergy, HighAgility Blockchain with Decentralized Finance and Gaming Applications

Cardano (ADA) is a top 10 cryptocurrency known for its environmentally-conscious blockchain and decentralized finance and gaming applications. Its developer and transaction growth make it a strong contender for long-term growth. It

OKX Wallet Teams Up with Liquidity Transport Protocol Stargate, Adds CrossChain Bridge Support on DEX

OKX Wallet partners with Stargate liquidity transport protocol to enable cross-chain asset transfers and unified liquidity pools. OKX Wallet – DEX also integrates Across Protocol’s cross-chain bridge, offering lightning-fast