Data Science

price prediction

Correlation Between Ticker Price and NASDAQ Price Prediction Using Python and Scikit Linearregression Model

Determination is likely being affected by one variant to one variable, or one variant to multiple variables. Machine makes decision based on maths. So in this article, I would walk through how to generate a price prediction score between a stock ticker and NASDAQ price correlation. I would show the methods using Python and Scikit Linear Regression model.

random forest

Chapter 76 – Generate the Object Feature Importance Using Scikit learn and Random Forest

The random forest algorithm has been applied across a number of industries, allowing them to make better business decisions. Some use cases include high credit risk analysis and product recommendation for cross-sell purposes.

In this piece, I would briefly walk you through several methods of generating feature importance by using classic red wine quality validator dataset. By the end of this chapter, you can have a basic concept to use Random forest applied to your projects and compare the result amongst different methods.