pandas pivot table

Pandas Pivot Table() – Transpose Data in Column Sequence to Horizontal One in Bulk Using Pandas & Python

Pandas pivot_table() is super powerful for developers to manipulate the data, such as data visualization, data inventory, API development, etc. In terms of dashboard development or data visualization, transposing specific data objectives from column order to row sequence is very common. So in this article, I’ll go through how to transpose specific data in bulk in a second using Pandas pivot_table() and Python

pandas groupby

Pandas Groupby() – Combine all Values Into One Set Shared with the Same Index Key Using Python

In this piece, I will share introduce Pandas GroupBy(), and go through how to combine the value into one set with a shared key, or column value. For example, if your Google advertising campaign name is shared with different data sets such as data from daily, weekly or monthly, and so on and so forth, here is a way to consolidate them into one set for easy fetching, using, and applying them in web application interactions.