Influencer Program – Social Content, Brand Product Review Collaboration

influencer program

The latest social content and product review programs

  1. Smart home product video review –> security camera, home devices, audio, doorbell, and device accessories.
  2. Consumer electronics –> branded cameras, smartwatch, and phone & game accessories
  3. EV –> ev charger, ev charging station, ev accessories
  4. Cookware –> branded pan, pot and cooking machines
  5. Cosmetic and beauty –> CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD tincture
  6. Lifestyle — > Hotel room experience, dining experience, fashion
  7. Crytocurrency
  8. Video game & entertainment –> Mobile app game, TV game & accessories
  9. Gaming
  10. Alcohol – wine, whisky, Japan Sake

The offers from these programs vary case by case depending on the final collaboration of you and the brand. Normally it offers a free product sample and some have a collaboration budget.

If you are interested in a program, please subscribe to Easy2Digital with leave a message “Influencer program + program number (1, or, 2, or, 3……)

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