Chapter 29 – Build an Indiegogo Bot for Scraping Most Crowdfunded Projects

Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding platform that brings Users together to support crowdfunding campaigns featuring innovative products, creative design, and inspired ventures. It allows brands to launch and seek to raise funds for their own Campaigns and to contribute to the Campaigns of others. Campaign Owners can offer Perks to Contributors in thanks for the Contributors’ donation of funds.So do you want to consolidate all most funded projects in different sectors and categories by just spending 10 seconds. This is why this article is about today.

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Apart from the Kickstarter Bot I talked about earlier, Indiegogo is the other comparable crowdfunding platform in this space. Same with Kickstarter has lots of valuable funding opportunities for brand-new products. Meanwhile, it’s a great insightful information source for any business, I can say. The fact is two platforms have some fundamental differences in terms of technology

So in this Python Tutorial, I would walk you through how to build an Indiegogo bot, with the purpose to help you collect the formatted insights you are looking for. Of course, it’s automatic. By the end of this Python Tutorial, you can learn what materials, and ingredients you need, and how to write the codes to build an Indiegogo bot.

Table of Contents: Indiegogo Bot

What’s the difference between Indiegogo Bot and Kickstarter Bot

Regarding a bot for scraping the most funded projects, there are two primary differences between these two platforms in terms of the Python bot built-up.

python tutorial

Indiegogo doesn’t have a filter by country

There are some common filters, such as most funded projects, popularity, and product category. However, Indiegogo doesn’t allow you to filter by project country. The Indiegogo bot must go deeper to the project page to find the project country and grab the data

By query

By Category

As you can see in terms of the URL structure and parameters, it basically offers you two main types, which are by query and by product category. Then plus you can add the most funded, project timing, and project campaign. However, it’s more for the current status of the campaign, instead of the brand originality.

Indiegogo loads for more projects using a show more button

As you notice, you can load more crowdfunding projects by scrolling down the Kickstarter SERPs. So it is similar to the Instagram top performance post. However, Indiegogo users need to click the button and show more projects. And if you look into the element coding, you would find that in a moment. It is not a submit button and it needs some skills to load using a bot.

Python Libraries to create the Indiegogo Bot

The tools and libraries this Python Tutorial uses are Selenium and BeautifulSoup. If you like to save the scraped data into a Google Sheet, we also suggest you use the gspread. For more details about this module, please check out the other article in Easy2Digital Python Tutorial.

How to remove Indiegogo’s showmore button blocker

As you notice, the Indiegogo’s showmore button is not interactable, which stops your scraping. For resolving this issue, you need to add execute_script and arguments[0]. It is your way of accessing the first argument to the anonymous function. This approach is similar to the Linkedin Bot I walked through in the other article.

And in the scraping journey, what we need to do first is to load more crowdfunding projects. So here are the codings before you find the related elements.

What data elements you can scrape in the Indiegogo SEPR

From the photo below you can see, the elements you can scrape are less than the ones from Kickstarter. For example, you can’t see how many backers voted and invested in the project, and where is the brand from, compared to Kickstarter.

python tutorial

Thus basically you can scrape these elements from the Indiegogo SERP. They are the product title, description, image URL, page URL, already funded amount, currency, and raise percentage.

Before that, you need to lock the element position of each crowdfunding project. Here is the code

driveCard = soup.find_all('discoverable-card',{'class': 'ng-scope ng-isolate-scope'})

Scrape more specific crowdfunding project data

Although the data appearing in Indiegogo SEPR is pretty simple, the product project page is in full gear. Basically, you can scrape the business insightful data you want as long as the brand uploads. For example, you can scrape the brand’s official website, pricing per perk, comments, brand originality, etc. Here is a sample of scraping the brand originality.

Full Python Script of the Indiegogo Bot

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