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Private Equity Investment: eCommerce Business Valuation Using NPV and IRR

China’s general trade business and companies might be in a way impacted by the cancellation of GSP treatment, or called the Generalized System of Preference treatment. Although it also depends on what product category of export business, tariff percentage implies the enforcement of reduced profitability or increasing the prices. Pros and cons always come together. The momentum of growth on D2C cross-border eCommerce, on the other hand, is rising. The question is how to evaluate the cross-border eCommerce business potential if you spot this is indeed an investment and monetization opportunity.

Web3 Digital Asset Value Implications for Marketing Strategies

Web3 is not only a digital transformation of the infrastructure and deployment, but also it’s significant to realize Web3 basically is a financial strategy revolution. This revolution can directly transform a company’s intangible asset to be valued at an absolutely different view of point.

In this article, I would walk through what the Web3 digital asset is actually. And as a marketer how to leverage Web3 for bettering the financial performance result.

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