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  1. Blog Article Generator 『English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese & Taiwan Traditional Chinese』– Topic Ideas, Opening, Table of Content, Each Section, Wrapup
  2. Influencer Profile Data and Contact Datafeed API (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  3. Google Shopping SERP Scraper API
  4. Google Search Keyword Volume and CPC Datafeed API
  5. Google Analytics 4 integration
  6. Google Search Console Performance Data Feed
  7. Google trend keyword relative volume Datafeed API
  8. Google Top Search Queries API
  9. Google Trend Keyword Volume by Country API
  10. Google SERP data
  11. Meta Ads Campaign Optimization
  12. Weather Real-time Data
  13. Exchange currency Real-time Datafeed API
  14. Brand/Company online footprint data (Official domain URL, company name, contact, headquarter country)
  15. Global Trending News Datafeed API
  16. Market Sentiment Datafeed API
  17. Twitter trending post API
  18. Linkedin User Profile Scraper API
  19. Keyword Extractor API (Using a Brand name, company name, and so on and so forth)
  20. Easy2Digital opted-in email contacts regarding B2B key contacts and B2C end-users
  21. Competitor Shopify Product Datafeed API
  22. ETSY Product Price Datafeed API
  23. Amazon Brand Seller Store Scraper
  24. eBay Product Data Scraper
  25. Walmart Product Data Scraper
  26. Home Depot Product Data Scraper
  27. Baidu SERP Datafeed
  28. Yandex SERP Datafeed
  29. Naver SERP Datafeed
  30. Bing SERP Datafeed
  31. Yahoo Japan SERP Datafeed
  32. Stock company’s Sales compound average growth rate (CAGR)
  33. Sales Compound Average Growth Rate by Industry (CAGR By Industry)
  34. Stock Symbol Profile Data
  35. Symbol’s News, Events, and Policy Up-to-date Data
  36. Real-time Stock Price Data
  37. Full set of Symbol’s historical stock price data
  38. Symbol shares outstanding data
  39. Company financial ratio TTM data API
  40. Stock company financial ratio growth YoY data
  41. Company income statement FY
  42. Stock company cashflow statement FY
  43. Company symbol balance sheet statement FY
  44. Company financial income statement growth YoY data
  45. Company financial balance sheet statement growth YoY data
  46. Company financial cash flow statement growth YoY data