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There are tons of marketing and finance API endpoints for brands, SMEs, and independent marketers to increase productivity

easy2digital apis

  1. Influencer Profile Data and Contact API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/influencer?source=&subscriber=&page=&topics=&view=&token=
  2. Google Shopping SERP Scraper API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/google-shopping-SERP?keyword=&location=&marketplace=&language=&token=
  3. Google Search Keyword Volume and CPC Scraper API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/google-keyword-Planner?keyword=&token=
  4. Competitor Shopify Product Data Scraper API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/shopify-product-data?competitorStoreURL=&token=
  5. Stock company's compound average growth rate (CAGR) data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-CAGR
  6. Stock Symbol Profile Data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol?symbol=&token=
  7. Symbol's News, Events, and Policy Update Data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/news?symbol=&token=
  8. Real-time Stock Price Data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-realTime-stockPrice”?symbol=&token=
  9. Full set of Symbol's historical stock price data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-stock-historical-price-full”?symbol=&token=
  10. Company financial ratio TTM data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-financialRatio-TTM”?symbol=&token=
  11. Company financial ratio data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-financialRatio”?symbol=&token=
  12. Company income statement FY API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-incomeStatement?token=&symbol=
  13. Company general financial statement growth data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-financialStatement-growth”?symbol=&token=
  14. Company financial income statement growth data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-incomeStatement-growth”?symbol=&token=
  15. Company financial balance sheet statement growth data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-balanceSheetStatement-growth”?symbol=&token=
  16. Company financial cash flow statement growth data API: https://marketing-bots.herokuapp.com/api/1/symbol-cashflowStatement-growth”?symbol=&token=

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  5. Company financials, stock data

Take influencer API endpoint documentation for example

Influencer API Endpoint


Influencer API Parameters

  • Source: Call the influencer profile and contacts by country, such as US, CA, IN, JP, etc
  • Subscribers: Users can filter the specific influencers with greater than a certain amount of channel followers, such as greater than 100,000
  • Page: Response 100 result per based on the filter settings. Each set has maximized 8 pages of result
  • Topics: Users can select specific topics, products from influencers, such as consumer electronics, iPhone, AirPods case, CBD oil, NFT, etc
  • Video view: Allow you to select the total video view of a channel that is greater than a certain amount, such as greater than 1,000,000