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Pinterest tests ‘inclusive body type ranges’ tool for improved searches.

Pinterest is expanding efforts to make its product more inclusive and respectful of different body types. They are testing a new consumer-facing tool that allows users to filter and select searches based on different body types and features. This builds on Pinterest’s body type technology announced earlier this year, which uses computer vision technology to identify various body types across billions of images on the platform. The AI-powered tool aims to make search results more inclusive and avoid discrimination based on body size. This move comes as social media platforms face scrutiny over their impact on body image issues, particularly among young women and girls. Pinterest is committed to building a positive and inclusive internet and hopes that these new features will enhance the user experience.

Layla Explores AI & Creator Content for a Travel Recommendation App

Berlin-based startup Layla is using an AI chatbot to go beyond chatGPT and provide new solutions in the travel industry. The chatbot suggests new travel destinations, helps with bookings, and offers alternative views of places through video content. Layla aims to shorten the travel journey by integrating various services and partnering with platforms like and Skyscanner. The company has secured $1.5 million in seed investment and plans to explore additional revenue streams, including advertising opportunities. Layla differentiates itself by using AI to surface different types of content and provide personalized recommendations. Other competitors in the AI travel solutions space include Pilot and AI-powered features in apps like Airbnb and Kayak. Investors believe that even small advancements in AI can make a significant impact in the travel industry.

Grok, xAI’s Chatbot, Showcased on X’s Web App: Captivating Screenshots

Elon Musk’s AI chatbot, Grok, will be part of the top-tier subscription service, X Premium. It will provide real-time knowledge and witty responses, and also answer spicy and rebellious questions. Grok will be launched inside the X app and will be available to select testers in November. Musk also announced a new subscription offer, X Premium, which will include Grok and other features. Integration of Grok into the X app is already underway.

Elon Musk to Launch ‘Grok’ Chatbot for X Premium+ Subscribers Next Week

Elon Musk confirmed that the AI chatbot Grok will be available to premium subscribers of the XS web app. The rollout is expected to happen sometime next week. Grok will offer real-time knowledge and interactive features, making it a unique competitor in the chatbot space. Musk aims to revamp Twitter with the XS premium subscription, introducing paid verification and other features to increase user engagement and revenue. Grok’s debut will follow the recent drama surrounding rival AI company OpenAI.

AI Mentor for Startups: Practica’s Evolutionary Marketplace for 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Practica, an AI mentor for startups, has developed an AI chatbot that functions as a one-on-one executive coach. The system is built on a vast knowledge base developed over years of human coaching. The platform offers coaching across various topics such as management strategies, sales, personal development, and more. The company aims to make executive coaching accessible by blending AI technology with human expertise. The AI coach utilizes a large number of publicly available learning materials to provide users with relevant answers and resources. Practica has raised $1 million in funding to expand its executive coaching services.

Picsart Unveils AI-Powered Suite for Video, Backgrounds, GIFs, and More

PicsArt, a photo editing startup backed by SoftBank, has launched a new suite of AI-powered tools. The suite, called PicsArt Ignite, includes tools for designing ads, social media posts, logos, and more. It also features new AI expansion capabilities, such as adding additional details to images and removing unwanted objects from videos. Additionally, there are AI style transfer and avatar tools for applying artistic styles and generating realistic avatars. PicsArt aims to empower users to express their unique vision and turn their ideas into stunning visual content. The new AI tools are available across PicsArt’s web, iOS, and Android platforms.

CapCut: ByteDance’s Video Editing App for Businesses, Featuring AI Effects and Templates

CapCut, ByteDance’s video editing app, has become a popular tool for advertisers and creators. With AI-powered effects and filters, it is widely used on TikTok and ranks among the top video editing apps. CapCut Business offers additional tools for marketing and brand content creation, including AI-powered script generation and virtual try-on features. It is designed for team collaboration and allows for easy editing and sharing. CapCut’s popularity and revenue have been growing, making it a compelling choice for businesses looking to create engaging videos for social media platforms like TikTok.

“Stack Overflow Implements Staff Reductions to Adapt to Changing Economic Landscape and Emphasize Profitability”

Stack Overflow, a popular Q&A website for developers, has announced staff layoffs in a blog post. The company cited a focus on profitability and budget shifts due to macroeconomic pressures. While the exact number of employees affected was not specified, the CEO mentioned a reduction in headcount. Stack Overflow has been expanding its enterprise products and recently launched Overflow AI to assist coders. This move comes as other tech giants like GitHub and Google also invest in AI-powered tools for developers.

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