Trying to imagine you have scraped plenty of business email addresses by using Python, that is from potential influencers and partners who might collaborate with your business and help build the brand and increase the sales. It can be super busy and overwhelming work if you try to outreach one by one and personalize the business email communication via email. Even though you can pay for an email software or outsource to a 3rd party service provider, the cost is a matter as well. 

In this article, I’ll introduce an extension called GMass, which you can use with Gmail and Google Sheets that can integrate with your Python scraper scripts so that you can consolidate all email addresses in Google sheet and personalize the messages by using columns before sending out, and track the responsive performance, then implement automatic follow-up. By the end of this one, you can master how to just click one button and send out numbers of personalized emails.

What Is GMass

GMass is an email marketing extension that can merge with any Gmail account. Basically, it can help you transform your regular Gmail or G Suite account into a powerful mass and cold email platform. 


Trying to imagine a scenario where you have a lot of business email by using a Python scraper, or a B2B digital lead generation campaign, when you send mass or cold email campaigns from Gmail, you send emails with personalized messages in bulk through GMass. It also can include open tracking, click tracking, mail merge personalization, scheduling, and more.

How To Install GMass

Installing GMass is super easy. First thing first, you need to install a Chrome browser on your laptop and add on the GMass extension from the Chrome extension store.

gmass extension

Then you can freely grant any of your free Gmail email accounts or G-suite accounts access to this GMass. If you can see there’s a new send-out button appearing near to your daily use Gmail send button in a new creation interface, that means it’s working.


How To Create Personalised Parameters and Messages in Google Sheets

To personalize each email for different receivers, firstly you need to create some parameters that can be embedded into the email template, and the value would change based on different email addresses. For creating this parameter, we need to name the column in Google Sheets.

First thing first, you need to connect your Gmail with a Google Sheet you created in advance.

There is a new small button appearing near your Gmail search box. You click the box and pop up a window for you to select which Google Sheet you like to choose. Please keep in mind you have to create the Google Sheet using the same email address, and each sheet can be allowed to create 1000 rows

google sheets

It’s straightforward and simple to create the parameters by the column you might need to use tailor-made email messages. For example, I tried to create an email address, first name, last name, products, offer, price, etc.

google sheets

In GMass control panel, you can see the parameters you created in the Google Sheet and you can select and use them in the email. These parameters can use the value created in the Google Sheets and applied to different email addresses.


Please keep in mind that the email contact might be scraped from the partner website, which they list on the site and allow anyone to send an inquiry, but because of GDPR and CCPA (depending on your target markets), it’s supposed to add an unsubscribe link in the email blast. GMass provides you this option in the creation process, so you don’t need to worry about the technical process.

Send Out Personalised Emails in Bulk

In the recipient row, you don’t need to fill in the email addresses, because GMass would detect the mail info in the integrated Google Sheets. You can leave the GMass SMTP receiver address in the email.

gmass email

You can use the left and right brace to input the parameter you like to use in the email subject, body. Below is a sample I draft and insert different parameters to customize the messages.

By clicking the GMass send-out button after the email draft is ready, everyone can receive personalized messages like this.

gmass email

Track the Email Responsive Rate

GMass provides several metrics for you to understand the email blast performance. You can see it has the number of opens, clicks (if your email has hyperlink), unsubscribes, bounces, replies, blocks, auto follow-up.

gmass report

If you want to show these performances in the Google Sheet, you will need to activate keeping the up-to-date data to the sheet. The method is when you connect with the Google Sheet before drafting the email, in the optional setting, you tick updating the sheet with the reporting data, and the email performance data would be syndicated with the sheet automatically.


Automate the Follow-up Communication

GMass provides you to build automated follow-up messages and you can set the schedule based on different responsive behaviors.


You can retarget that segmentation who might not reply, or not open, or not click after a lookback window you can set, such as 2 days or 3 days later. Then, you can create a single message, such as may I have any luck of updating, etc, or you can adopt an email template you created in advance, for this specific segmentation, for the purpose to re-engage with them.

GMass Limitation

I would say GMass is more for B2B communication, like saying eCommerce reseller invitation, media publisher, or influencer collaboration invitation. However, it is not suitable for any direct-to-consumer business, because it has very limited emails every day. Gmail officially claims that with a regular Gmail account you can send 500 emails/day and with a G Suite account you can send 2,000 emails/day. Thus communication to consumers might be easy to reach ceiling every day unless your business customer database is less than 2000.

If you are interested in exploring alternative CRM software for the direct-to-consumer business, please check out this article

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