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Google Nest offers a wide range of smart home gadgets, from its Nest Hello doorbells to Google Nest Wifi routers, but we’ll take you through its line of Google Nest Cameras to make sure your home is as safe as it can be.

Google Nest has a powerful and innovative set of home security cameras and digital hubs, along with broad compatibility with third-party smart home ecosystems. Basically, Google nest camera has two lines of indoor cameras and outdoor cameras respectively to choose from. If you want to save some money, you can go with the Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor, but if you want the best video quality and AI features, opt for Nest Cam IQ indoor or outdoor.

Thus in this piece, we’ll review Google Nest cameras in more details, and at the end of the article, you can learn the Google Nest camera from design, video & audio, software, pricing all in one place, and facilitate you to select the proper camera for your home security based on your needs.

Nest Cam Indoor vs Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Comparing the features, they have quite lots of things in common.

google nest cam indoor in common

(Google Nest Camera Indoor Photo)

First of all, both cameras shoot 1080p at 30 frames a second, and they come with 24-hour live video, so you bring up the cameras anytime and see a live view anytime you want to.

Then, they come with motion and sound alert, and both let you use talk-to-listen and two-way audio.

Third, both cameras have three hours of photo activities, so if you do not have a subscription with Nest, you still get three hours of photo screenshots of any activities that are happening.

On the other hand, they also have quite lots of differences between each other.


google nest camera iq

(Google Nest Camera IQ Photo)

Google Nest Cam Indoor comes with a darker gray stand, a black camera, and a white cable. It’s 4.5″ x 2.3″ x 1.8″ and its weight is 213g, and the base has a good amount of weight to it, so it doesn’t just tip over. The base also can be removed to expose a 1/4-20 mount, if you wanna mount this up. The Google Nest Cam Indoor also comes with a 10-foot micro USB cable that plugs directly into the camera itself.

Google Nest Cam IQ comes with a clean white modern look. It’s 4.9″ x 2.9″ x 2.9″ and its weight is 357g. It has a much more modern USB-C cable that plugs directly into the base station, which helps hide the cable. Then, it comes with a hinge that connects the camera to the base. The rotation on this hinge is 180˚ left and right and up and down which gives you the ability to point it in any direction.

Video and Audio

Nest Cam Indoor is a very capable security camera in its own right. It was the company’s first Wi-Fi-enabled camera, allowing you to check in on your home from anywhere with your phone or computer. It has a 1080p HD picture and two-way talk capabilities. It notifies you immediately when it detects motion and can differentiate between humans and other moving things like animals to reduce unwanted alerts. the original Nest Cam is more than enough for someone looking for basic security.

google nest camera indoor video

On the other hand, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor boasts higher quality audio recording and playback, and it adds several pretty extraordinary enhancements when it comes to software. However, that 4K sensor doesn’t mean the Cam IQ actually exports in 4K; instead, you get the same 1080p resolution as the original Nest Cam with a much sharper image. You can zoom into subjects without losing much if any, detail and the Cam IQ will even zoom in automatically if it detects a person in its line of sight and pans the image to follow their face.

If you may prefer having more cameras over smarter cameras. For those shoppers, the original Nest Cam is a worthwhile buy.


Nest Cam IQ has a considerable advantage over the original Nest Cam when it comes to features in the app. Both cameras can take advantage of Nest’s Aware subscription service, which allows users to set up alerts for specific zones within the camera’s field of vision, store a timeline of activity in the cloud, and access clips and time-lapses.

Below is the unique feature of Nest Cam IQ

  • Face Recognition

But the Nest Cam IQ provided with a Nest Aware subscription is facial recognition. The camera will start recognizing people’s faces, and you can go into the app and say if that is a familiar face or not.

  • Google Assistant

Also, it has a Google Assistant built into the Cam IQ. So you can now talk to the camera instead of having an additional Google Assistant-enabled device in the room.

  • Close-up tracking view

When there’s a movement within the camera’s field of vision, it switches from wide-angle to a zoomed view of the person or animal moving through the room. The camera stays zoomed in until motion stops, so you’re able to get a good look at the activity.


Nest Cam IQ indoor are more expensive than Nest Cam Indoor. The regular price is US$299,99 per device. Some marketplaces can allow you to pay by installment. If you’re not urgent to buy, I suggest you check the price during Prime day and Christmas, Google often has 30% off or more at that moment, although it is not that frequent as Ring cameras.

Nest Cam indoor is more reasonable, which price is US$129,99, and you can buy two pieces when buying on nest cam IQ indoor. If you’re not the die heart fan of face recognition, Google Assistant, and If you may prefer having more cameras over smarter cameras. For those shoppers, the original Nest Cam is a worthwhile buy.

Nest Cam Outdoor vs Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

  • Comparing the features, they have quite lots of things in common.
    Both have 7.5m power cables
  • Both offer 24/7 live video with motion detection
  • Both have night vision mode
  • Both offer 1080p recording and 130-degree field of view

On the other hand, they also have quite lots of differences between each other.


(Google Nest Camera IQ Outdoor)

Both the Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ outdoor have a sleek design created with robust weatherproof materials. As such, the duo can’t promise you a lifetime guarantee but they will serve you for a longer period.

When it comes to the size, the newer version of the camera has larger dimensions and sizes than its counterpart, and its weight is 568g, comparing the Nest Cam outdoor 313g. They both come in only a white shiny body, which is smart for sure.

Lastly, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and the Nest Cam Outdoor has a lighting system to advise when they are working. The former has an RGB light ring that will glow when active and ready to pair with your app. The function is a new one and it replaced the little LED light on the top center of the initial Nest Cam Outdoor

Video & Audio

The original Nest Cam Outdoor offers 1080P video playback and continuous recording using a 3MP sensor with 8x digital zoom. The improved Nest Cam IQ Outdoor uses an upgraded 4K, 8MP sensor with 1080P video, and 12x digital zoom. They are designed to work outdoors. But Nest Cam IQ has a wider operating temperature range at -40°C to 45°C. The Nest Cam Outdoor can only withstand temperatures of -20°C to 40°C.

Both outdoor cameras have the talk and listen feature, but the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor has a better set of speakers and microphones. The latest design also includes a large RGB light ring which lights up when the two-way communication is in use so visitors can see where they’re being addressed from.


Nest cameras can identify a person. With the Nest Cam Outdoor, you would need to get a Nest Aware subscription for this feature to be available, but with the IQ version, it is part of what you pay for upon purchase.

Supersight is a feature that directs the camera to zoom into a person once he or she comes into view. Supersight also follows the person around, allowing you to easily identify that person. Supersight is only available on Nest Cam IQ Outdoor even without a Nest Aware subscription.

Nest is known for its learning thermostats. With the familiar face detection feature, your camera can detect the differences in a person’s face, allowing it to recognize people that it sees often, such as family members and friends who frequently visit you. Nest is able to send you alerts when it sees a familiar face, or an unfamiliar one, depending on your preferences. Familiar face alerts are only available on Nest Cam IQ Outdoor with a Nest Aware subscription.


Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is more expensive than Nest Cam outdoor. The regular price is US$399,99 per device, which is more expensive than the Brand camera such as Ring, at the same functional level.

Nest Cam outdoor is more reasonable, which price is US$199,99, and you can buy two pieces when buying on nest cam IQ indoor as well. If you’re not the die heart fan of face recognition, supersight, and If you may prefer having more cameras over smarter cameras. For those shoppers, the original Nest Cam outdoor device is a worthwhile buy.

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