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In this article, I am going to briefly talk about search engine landscape in Asia Pacific. As we know, Google is the largest search engine worldwide and basically almost all of us use Google to look for information everyday.

For instance, when you are planing a work project, you use Google to do a research and find information supporting your plan; When you are traveling, you use Google map to find the location and direct you arriving there; When you are at home, you usually click into Youtube and search for your favourite videos to watch.

As an Asian guy, I am not the exceptional, but except for Google or Amazon, I’m also using alternative search engine channels to look for information, shop goods, make reservations. The reason I prefer to use alternative channels to search is, because it’s a smarter way when you are going to research local and destination information.

Why it matters?

– It helps you learn alternative search engine channels, that could more facilitate you to achieve your different searching purpose in experience journey.
– As a digital marketer, this article helps you learn and better deploy an omni-channel strategy, and allocate proper resources among different Asian countries.
– It helps and inspires businessmen to create a go-to-market plan which is focused on direct performance, such as sales and revenue.

Type of Search Engine Channel

– Search engine. (Google, Bing, Baidu etc)

– Market place (Amazon, Groupon, Rakuten, shopback etc)

– Meta search (Skyscanner, Qunar, Kayak, Trivago etc)

– Social network search (Facebook, Linkedin, Wechat etc)

– Video search (Youtube, Vimeo, iQiyi, Youku etc)

– Voice search (Apple Siri, Home Echo, Tmall Genie etc)

In this chapter, I’m going to focus on search engine and marketplace – e-commerce section sharing in China, Japan and South East Asia.


In China, when you are going to search news and information, below top 4 options can help you search the information. From 2019 latest market share statistic, Baidu is leading the search engine market in China.

2019 search engine China market shareThen, Qihoo 360 is absolutely an option if you care more on information credibility, data privacy and security; Sogou is embedded into Wechat eco-system. If you are a fan of Wechat App, you’ll like it when searching latest favourite content and news; Shenma is a mobile-first search engine which is a join venture between Alibaba Group and UCWeb.

Regarding online market place, below are the top 5 e-commerce platforms of search engine landscape in China.

No.1 – Taobao


The largest SME2C e-commerce platform where gather huge amount of individual and SME business online stores.

No.2 – Tmall

Tmall Easy2Digital

The largest B2C e-commerce platform, where brands and large corporation can be accessible only.

No.3 –

JD.COM Easy2Digital

Except for brands and large corporation preference, JD owns and operates a system of self-serving logistic and warehouse,. It can cater merchants seamless fulfilment service and management.

No.4 –

Amazon Easy2Digital

The largest United States e-commerce platform announces in April 2019 to give up China domestic e-commerce business line, and only keep cross-boarder, kindle and AWS businesses in China in the future. Except for competitor factors, I would say its global supply chain stability is being impacted and affected by China and USA trade war. Foreign companies in China have already been adjusting the strategy.

No.5 –

Suning Easy2Digital

The largest O2O electric appliance chain outlet in China. With its strong logistic, offline store outlets and customer service, Suning is rapidly spreading its e-commerce business share.


In Japan, when you are going to search news and information, below top 5 options can help you search the information. From 2019 latest market share statistic, Google Japan is leading the search engine market in Japan.

Japan search engine share Easy2Digital

Yahoo Japan is ranked No.2. As we know, Yahoo and Bing have been merged long time ago, but only Yahoo Japan is an independent corporation in Japan country.

Regarding online market place, below are the top 5 e-commerce platforms of search engine landscape in Japan.

Japan Top 5 Ecommerce

No. 1 – Rakuten (楽天)

Rakuten Japan Website

The largest e-commerce website in Japan. The business line is not only focused on online shopping, but also online travel agency, credit card, loyalty program, advertising and so on.

No. 2 – Amazon Japan

Amazon JapanThe largest United States e-commerce platform. It is 2nd largest EC website in Japan. Amazon prime video is the most popular VoD service in Japan, which take up over 56% market share.

Amazon Prime

No.3 – Yahoo Shopping Japan

Yahoo Shopping Japan

As a branch of Yahoo Japan, it’s the largest discount shopping site in Japan. You do can find count down discount of hundreds of goods everyday there.

No.4 – Zozotown

zozotown japanThe largest online fashion clothing e-commerce site in Japan. As you might know, It launched Zozosuit last year although it has sunset consequently. But it’s a good experiment and trial case on fashion O2O industry and big data strategy.

No.5 – Wowma!

wowma japan

Wowma! is owned by KDDI which is the 2nd largest telecommunication network service provider in Japan. With its mother company’s advantage in mobile technology, Wowma! is a very strong player in mobile e-commerce.

South East Asia

(Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam)

In South East Asia countries, when you are going to search news and information, below top 5 options can help you search the information. From 2019 latest market share statistic, Google is leading the search engine market over there.

South East Asia Search Engine

Regarding online market place, the top 5 ranking position is varied by each country. So I select and recommend top 5 popular e-commerce platforms search engine landscape in SEA region from my work experience perspective.

SEA ecommerce sites

No.1 – Lazada

The largest e-commerce platform in South East Asia region. It is owned by Alibaba Group. 

lazada asia

No.2 – Shopee

Shopee is one of the fastest growing C2C and B2C platform in South East Asia region. Shopee launched in Singapore as a social-first, mobile-centric marketplace where users can browse, shop and sell on the go. Integrated with logistical and payment support, the asset-light platform aims to make online shopping easy and secure for both sellers and buyers.

shopee south east asia

No.3 – Qoo10

Qoo10 is one of the best online retailers in South East Asia. It is owned by Ebay. You do can find the best deal on Q0010 everyday.

qoo10 south east asia

No.4 – Zalora

Asian Pacific leading fashion e-commerce platform. It is a native digital player in fashion industry.

zalora south east asia

No.5 – Tokopedia

Tokopedia is one of the best tech companies founded in Indonesia. It has several main businesses. Marketplace is one of the best well known products.

tokopedia south east asia

In conclusion

When you are going to buy a bottle of Sake online, if you search English keywords in Google, and then type in Japanese keywords in Rakuten Japan. you could find that pricing and added value service such as shipping condition, payment rebate etc are different. I’m not saying it’s 100% guarantee, but this is a tip for your reference.

If you were a digital marketer, each market place owns its unique audience data, loyalty customer groups and business model. So for my view, I would suggest to put resources into different baskets, when deploying a strategy in different markets.

If you were a businessman when considering this article could help you briefly learn what platforms you can go to research helpful information as listed below:

  • What the hot and potential products are;
  • What the market pricing are;
  • Whether to create an online store on a marketplace or build up self owned e-commerce website;
  • Who are proper to be affiliated partnerships, joined-ventures or marketing affinity partners.
  • Where to start and test the water.

Next Chapter

I’ll briefly talk about meta search and social network in Asia Pacific. See you soon.

By Louis Lu

Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer, with a proven record of over 11 years experience in 20+ Asian markets, and 25,000+ connections in Linkedin

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