Python Tutorial 16 – Amazon Product Scraper Using Selenium, BeautifulSoup and gspread

You might be wondering why some sellers can smell the up-to-trend niche products and make a great investment. Of course, software like Jungle Scout is assisting them to understand the target market consumers. I might partially agree because the most important is the mindset and mastering skills to automate the survey and monitoring. Instead of paying and relying on 3rd party software, self-developed amazon product scraper is indispensable if you like to stand on the front of demand, and monitor your pricing value.

Python Tutorial 15 – Instagram Photo Scraper Using Selenium and OS

You might have suffered low production efficiency due to insufficient imageries and photos in your personal library. Then looking for new photos really takes time, and sometimes it’s frustrating and it can be very expensive if you pay for every piece of photo. What’s more, up-to-date and top ranking photos in instagram can inspire you with more creative content ideas. It’s worth finding a way to save time and increase the efficiency, rather than bearing with the repeating and heavy workload.

Python Tutorial 14 for Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer – Using Selenium for creating an Instagram Bot to Boost Visibility and Grow Followers

The Instagram bot is a type of Python script that automates your interactions across Instagram profiles. Depending on the type of bot you use, they can like posts, make comments, send direct messages, and follow new profiles all on your behalf. In a way, as long as you carefully design the interaction journey, the bot can represent you to engage with Instagram users. Within 10 mins after activating the script, your Instagram might possibly generate more than 100 followers.

Python Tutorial 13 for Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer – Scrape Instagram Email, Followers, Posts, and More Using Selenium, BeautifulSoup, and JSON

Search keyword volume tells us the trend of up and down implying the customer end demand momentum. It reflects the information, content and products that are demandable as well. Instagram is one of the most ideal places to understand how the business creates content and engages with audiences. It’s not surprising that most people are looking for a more efficient way to fetch the data and learn insights. You can use Python, or a software, or even manually collect. The answer is obvious. It’s because good value for money and time is the evergreen strategy.

Python Tutorial for Digital Marketer 12 – Using Hashtags to Scrape Top Instagram Posts and Instagram Users

Instagram influencers are those users with up to hundreds, thousands, and millions of followers who are trusted by other users for their lifestyle, aesthetic, and expertise. Take fashion for example. There are so many fashion influencers, who create Livestream videos on IGTV or video posts. If you are a clothing brand marketer, scraping the profiles of famous influencers gives you candidate lists who can access a large audience of people all interested in fashion and lifestyle. For either the complimentary product review or content collaboration, it’s a great way to accumulate the influencer databases.

Also, scraping these Instagram influencers and their posts also gives you content marketing insights about what content might have better engagement with audiences. If you’re looking to strengthen your brand identity, learning from the profiles of influencers is a good place to start.

CBD Payment Processor & Payment Approaches – Best Ways to Receive CBD Money Seamlessly

It is clear that the CBD industry has been booming. What’s more, companies who want to sell either ingestible CBD or topical CBD online, have to search for payment processors like Square. With the fast-growing amount of CBD merchants that are flooding the market, they may need alternatives that aren’t restricted. Also, with the CBD demand increasing, merchants needs more checkout approach and ideas to avoid affecting customer checkout experiences.

Free Lunch Can Continue, thanks to Paid Meal – How to Monetise SaaS Freemium Users

Some familiar brands around us are like Google Drive, Spotify, Mailchimp,, etc, and you will find that at least 75% of SaaS companies offer a free version, and their users are called freemium users. The question is why is the company willing to open free service to customers? The answer of course is to capture customers’ attention and incentive the sign ups, downloads, and drive the brand awareness. However, free lunch can’t continue forever without income and revenue. The question is where the paid meal is?

Guide to eCommerce SEO Keyword Research, Keyword Grouping and Keyword Mapping

Keywords are one of the most important backbones of any eCommerce SEO strategy. In a way, without any keywords on hand, eCommerce SEM can start relying on product-driven ads and adding on negative keywords to exclude low relevance keywords wasting dollars, however eCommerce SEO content and partnership strategy has no choice, which must need a comprehensive keyword list before start.

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