Python Software & Application – How to Convert a Python Script Into Exe.

Python software and applications in the space of finance, automatic data collection, content ideas, and business development are very powerful. I believe anyone would get addicted to that magic of saving time and providing you more back-pushing energy. From day one, I have shared a bunch of raw scripts which you can run by using sublime editor, however, that’s just the beginning. Believe it or not, you do want an App Icon to click on your Mac laptop or a sharable application. And this is why the value of this article is.

python software

A software or laptop application in fact is not complicated to build. If you are a fan of Easy2Digital, basically you can convert all scripts you shared with you before into an application. You don’t need to use the raw script and input command-B anymore.

In this Python Tutorial, I would walk you through what auto-py-to-exe is, and also coach you how to convert a python script into an executable application. By the end, you can learn how to install, set and run auto-py-to-exe. It’s for the purpose to convert your Python script into an executable Python Software

Install and Run auto-py-to-exe

In Mac OS, it’s very easy to install a module that can convert any python script into exe. You can go to the terminal and input this line of code. It’s done.

Pip3 install auto-py-to-exe.

I just kindly remind that exe file is just a shortcut for you to click and activate the script on your laptop rather than doing command B. So please make sure the path you install the exe with all necessary libraries in your script.

When the installation is done, you can input this straightforwardly in the terminal. There is a window popping up. That means it is working.


python software

Select a Specific Python Script and Add it on

Converting into the exe is okay for any scripts. You just need to add the Python script you like to convert. As you like to the thing running as well as an application you downloaded from the App store. I would suggest you add the GUI script instead of adding the raw script.

Here is the Python Tutorial of a Python GUI app creation. Please check it out and subscribe our newsletter to get the script.

Python Tutorial 25: Create a Python GUI App with Tkinter for Google SERP Bot

When you open the exe, it can look like this in your laptop interface. This is the Kickstarter bot.

python software

Deploy the Executable Application Settings

First thing first, you need to select either outputting a directory or a file. It’s just up to you. But I would prefer to output a directory, because I am not able to check all files and elements from this script.

Secondly, you need to select either the console baked or window based. The difference is if you need to interact with the application. In terms of the Python scripts on bots, you need to select the console-based as you need to input information to scrape the data.

Then, you can add an ICON for you to easily spot what the exe is. It can tell it’s super useful, particularly if you have many apps.

python software

Last but not least, I would suggest you customize the output directory path as you can manage them in a more systematic way. It’s easy to forget as it’s hidden in the settings section. You need to open it and set it up.

Set the save path and convert the file into exe.

If everything is ready, you can click the blue button of to .exe. It takes a few minutes to generate the files and the app.

A list of Python Application Script for the purpose of financial modules, real-time data hacking, content ideas, business & partnership development.

Here I consolidate all up-to-date Python scripts you can use to convert into a mini-app for your regular work. I will keep the list updated.

Financials & Stock Bot

Linkedin Bot – Automate dding new connections and 1on1 messagings

Douyin Bot – Content idea and KOL profile scraper

Taobao Bot/Tmall Bot – eCommerce Product Data Scraper

Kickstarter Bot – Best Crowdfunding Projects & Brands Scraper

Indiegogo Bot – Scrape the most crowdfunded projects

Amazon Bot 

Instagram Bot

Google Bot

Youtube Bot

Shopify Bot

Basic Python Knowledge

Python Application

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